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Take a moment to disconnect and embrace the breezy, laid back elegance that the season has to offer.


Our spring/summer 2019 collection is all about slowing down and disconnecting.

Unplug, and get back to the basics.

Take the time to reconnect with the things that life is often too busy for. Writing, reading, exploring, savouring the small things.
This season we are welcoming hues that remind us of a quiet beachside retreat:
The warm browns of driftwood on the shore.
The crisp blues of the ocean.
The cool greens of seaweed and grasses.
The light neutrals of sand and stone.
The rich reds and pinks of summer berries.

Dive in and see what the season is all about.

Lightweight layers and sandy tones are the look of the summer.

This unlined, tan suede overshirt from Corneliani CC lightens up the deeper colours in the linen shirt from Portuguese Flannel. The shirt's camp collar is reminiscent of 1950s Americana, a look that is taking centre stage this season.

Simplicity can be stunning.

In head-to-toe Brunello Cucinelli, you will leave people wondering how you look so good without even trying. A lightweight linen vest over a silk blend crew neck sweater is a refined approach to a casual look, worn with stone-grey linen trousers and finished off with a warm, brown desert boot.

Easy weekend looks are made of light wash denim, linen, and sneakers.

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Re-introduce yourself to the hobbies that your busy schedule has kept you from.

A knit polo under an unlined sport jacket allows you to be nimble and comfortable while still looking damn good. Layer a spring-weight overcoat on top for breezy beach adventures or nighttime photo walks.

Even when duty calls, it's okay to have a little fun. A pinstripe suit has "work hard, play hard" written all over it.

Kick back in style.

An unlined linen sport jacket layered over a lightweight knit, worn with jeans and a leather sneaker is a no-brainer look.

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Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways.

A navy sport jacket is a classic way to dress up summer denim. It's a pairing that will never be out of style.



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