4 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Gift for the Fashion-Forward Men in Your Life

4 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Gift for the Fashion-Forward Men in Your Life

Choosing the perfect gift for the fashion-forward men in your life can often seem like a daunting task. However, with a thoughtful approach and a good understanding of their personal style and preferences, the process can become, dare we say, enjoyable? Here are our top tips for selecting gifts that the fashion forward men in your life will actually appreciate:

1. Understand Their Personal Style 

The first step in selecting the ideal gift is to grasp their personal style. Observing their fashion choices, noting preferred brands, and understanding their overall aesthetic can provide valuable insights. Whether they lean towards a classic look, like to make a bold statement or keep it casual, comprehending their style preferences lays the foundation for choosing a gift that seamlessly integrates into their existing wardrobe and reflects their style. If you feel like you understand their style, but you’re having a hard time translating that into picking out the gift, our style experts can provide support!


2. Know Their Fashion Preferences 

What are their favourite colours to wear? What types of materials do they gravitate toward? What types of fit do they prefer? Understanding whether they gravitate towards tailored items, casual items, or items that make a statement can guide your gift selection process and ensure that your gift resonates with their individual taste.

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3. Research Latest Trends and Collections 

Staying up to date on the latest trends in men's fashion can provide valuable inspiration for selecting the right gift. Integrating elements from contemporary trends while respecting the unique style of the person you are shopping for can result in a gift that reflects both modernity and timeless appeal. If you’re unsure on where to look for inspiration, you can check out our Fall Winter 2023 Overview here, or simply schedule a time to speak with one of our style experts for advice by booking an appointment here.

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4. Think Practical + Functional

Incorporating practical and functional elements into your gift choice can enhance its value to the gift receiver. Go for items that seamlessly integrate into the recipient's daily life, whether it's a versatile leather accessory or a high-quality outerwear piece that can be worn in a variety of settings, prioritising practicality ensures that your gift becomes an indispensable part of their daily ensemble, further solidifying your thoughtful gesture in their everyday routine.

It’s All About the Thought

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. However,  it’s always nice to feel confident that whatever you’re giving will be received well. At The Helm, our team of style experts are always happy to provide style advice and gift giving support. You can visit us in store, or book an appointment to get guidance while you shop online.  We also offer in-house tailoring to ensure the perfect fit. And, if  for some reason the gift still isn’t quite what the recipient had in mind, we’re happy to offer free returns up to 30 days from purchase as long as it’s in its original condition. You can see our full return policy here

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