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The Helm’s 2021 Style Goals

The Helm’s 2021 Style Goals

If there’s ever been a year to reinvent your style, 2021 is it. Whether you spent most of last year in your sweatpants or you made an effort to keep your fashion on point, we think most people have been thinking hard about what style really means to them in the coming years. 

We asked our team what style goals they have for the year, and we   loved the answers so much we wanted to share them. From closet cleaning to style evolutions, here’s what The Helm team is hoping to accomplish this year.

What are your style goals for 2021?

Alana - What's old is new again

My goal this year is to dive into my wardrobe and bring some life back into some key items that I have not worn in a while. I’ve invested in some awesome pieces and I want to wear them more often, in various ways. It’s so easy to switch up how you wear an item of women's clothing to make it exciting again. Whether it’s adding in more layers, designer sneakers with a skirt, updating the fit, or simply switching up the jewelry and accessories. I want to do this for both my weekend and work wear. Essentially - do my own closet cleaning. 

2021 could very well kick off a time similar to the Roaring Twenties. It’s a time to step it up and come out of your shell, and to look and be your best!  Stop dwelling on the past and look to the future with a positive mindset.

Kevin - Age is just a number

An interesting question at an interesting time. I have just turned 58 and I’m keenly aware of “age appropriate“ when looking at fashion in my own wardrobe. 

A personal style goal for me in 2021 will be to balance the youthfulness of my head and heart with the reflection in the mirror. A little less rock ‘n roll, blues, and punk, and a little more improv jazz, classical and funk.

Kim - Quality over quantity

My style goal for 2021 is to create outfits that make me feel pretty, bold, polished and dressier than ever. I’d like to inject a few new pieces into my wardrobe every season to stay current, but this year I am going to be more cautious of where I shop. I already love supporting a few of my favourite local boutiques, but more than ever it is my priority to support small businesses. 

I’m going to prioritize quality and commit to purchasing well constructed items. I want to buy fewer items that are well made and will last longer.

Zach - Shoe game strong

People say that you can judge a person by their shoes and how they maintain them. My style goal for 2021 would be to start practicing what I preach when it comes to my shoe game and maintenance. 

This applies in all areas of my life, from work to the weekend and even running errands. Investing in my shoe assortment has been something I've been meaning to do for the past couple of years, this year I've made the commitment to doing just that.

I've come to realize that quality over quantity is a huge factor in this (coming from a guy that used to have 40+ pairs of sneakers). I’m aiming to have a professional rotation for work, and a few pairs of luxury sneakers for nights out and the weekend. I've learned that less is more when it comes to footwear.

Chad - Organize and simplify

Despite being an extremely tough year, 2020 gave us the opportunity and time to refresh and reassess our wardrobes. My style goal this year is to simplify my wardrobe. There are key items that I love and wear often, which I will continue to throw on regularly, but my closet has some pieces in it that haven’t been worn in years. Organizing and simplifying my closet will be a big focus for 2021….all in preparation for what I believe will be an amazing five years for fashion!

What are your style goals for 2021? Share them with us on Instagram.






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