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Shades of winter: Three ways to offset the season’s dark hues

Don’t get stuck in the grey rut

We always notice that men’s wardrobes tend to default to monochrome colours in the winter. The fresh, airy tones and bold patterns get put away for the season, and the streets of downtown look like a sea of black, grey, and navy.
It’s a little depressing, if we’re being honest.
We love colour all year long, and we hate to see men losing their sense of adventure once the leaves fall from the trees. We encourage you to experiment with colour and texture this winter. We promise you won’t regret it.

How to wear light and bright colours in the winter

There are so many ways to introduce variety into your winter wardrobe. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Get Noticed in Red

Get noticed in red: Red president's sweater with black leather Hugo jacket, Magnanni rolly loafers, and APC blue jeans

There’s nothing bolder than red, and winter is the best time to wear it. Not only does it remind us of warm, crackling fires, it also makes a statement without having to think too hard about your outfit. Red works well with the black, navy, and grey tones that are already plentiful this time of year, making it easy to pair up with your typical winter attire.
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2. Wear White After Labour Day

Wear white: Brunello Cucinelli white corduroy trousers, APC Ivan herringbone overcoat, Phil petter white sweater, president's white crew neck sweater

If you haven’t already, throw out the “no white after Labour Day” rule. No one even really knows why that rule even exists, though it likely had to do with 19th century snobbery. We think white should be worn all year round. Don’t be afraid to wear other light neutrals with white, like sand or tan. White also makes your dark tones look more sophisticated. Just be sure that if you’re wearing white trousers, avoid doing so on a slushy day.
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3. Rock Bold Kicks

Bold shoes: Blue, rust, and grey new balance 999 shoes, pinstripe joggers, Alex Mill burgundy hoodie, President's white graphic t-shirt, FRAME denim jacket

An easy way to introduce colour into your winter wardrobe is through your footwear. You can keep your navy and grey clothing while still making a statement, or you can add an extra colour into the mix, like a burgundy sweater.
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