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Our Favourite Looks from the 2020 Golden Globes

Award season is here, and our eyes are transfixed on the TV screen to scope out the formal fashion for 2020. Here are a few of our favourite looks from the Golden Globes.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa continuously proves that red carpet style can be fun without going overboard. We dig his choice to wear a velvet tux jacket with a casual top. If you want to pull off the look for your next event, try wearing your formal wear with a silk polo or a knit crew-neck t-shirt. 

Mark Duplass

It’s not often you see brown velvet on the red carpet, but Mark Duplass wears it well. Black and brown is a super elegant colour combination, and we'd love to see it more. The rich brown jacket is not too bold, but it’s a sharp contrast to his black trousers. The silk black lapel, black bowtie and black shoes tie the look together. 

Pierce Brosnan

The whole Brosnan family really nailed the red carpet this year, but we especially love Pierce’s head-to-toe navy look. The jacket has a bit of texture to it, so he kept the rest simple and monochrome. 

Brad Pitt

What we find interesting about Brad Pitt’s classic formal look is the fit. The jacket is tailored and crisp, but the trousers fit a little looser. It creates a nonchalant vibe, and it’s a look you’ll start to see more and more in the coming years. 

Roman Griffin Davis

Roman won us over in Jojo Rabbit, and he’s winning us over again with this rust-orange velvet dinner jacket. Why not have a little fun with colour?  

Rammy Youssef

Clothing doesn't always need to be so serious. A plum tux with crisp white sneakers? We’re all about it. 

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