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Illustration by Yu-Chen Tseng

We’d like to introduce you to a few of the people behind The Helm who are helping our clients become some of the most stylish men in Canada and beyond.

First up is Alana, our General Manager. She’s been an integral member of the team from the beginning. Alana champions our visual merchandising, and her retail experience and organizational skills set has helped make The Helm what it is today.

She’s hard working, detail oriented, and a straight shooter who won’t lead you astray. She always guides her clients toward the most stylish looks for their lifestyle, and everyone who works with her knows they can trust her judgement.

We asked Alana a couple questions so you can get to know her a bit better.


How long have you worked at The Helm?
Since day 1. I helped with the store set up and worked casually for the first year while working at my last job. I’ve been here 5 years full time.
What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical work day? Oh boy, where do I start? LOL!
Well, I wear many hats, but that's normal for any manager. Especially in small business. My biggest responsibility is inventory management for sure. Also merchandising and display installations, scheduling, event planning, and just general organization. I touch on all these things every day. We have a great team so I have lots of support too.
What’s your favourite part of what you do?
The best part is visiting with clients, and meeting new people every day. Also working in the heart of downtown and watching it grow has been pretty amazing.
What’s your favourite item in the store right now?
The new Brunello Cucinelli reversible vest is beautiful! It's just a gorgeous, soft green and looks amazing worn either way.
What’s a style trend you just can’t get behind?
For women - Peep toe block heels. Enough already.
For men - Athletic sneakers with a suit. A Buttero sneaker - yes, Nike sneaker - NO!
And any trend that tries to convince people that dressing more casual is ok. It's not ok. A little effort goes a long way, in all aspects of life.

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