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Valstar’s Enduring Design

In their early days, Valstar was known for keeping the men of Milan dry from the rain. Today, they’re best known for the ‘Valstarino,’ a jacket made for the modern gentlemen from Italy and beyond.

A Rich Made-In-Italy History

Established in 1911, Valstar was the first company in Italy to produce raincoats. They continued to hone their craft and bring their Italian quality and flair to each of their products, establishing themselves as a highly sought-after brand touted exclusively by Italy’s best-dressed elites.

Early Valstar Raincoat Advertisement

In 1935, they introduced the Valstarino, a modern take on the A1 blouson, a flight jacket worn by American fighter pilots in World War I. Unlike the standard bomber jacket, which was inspired by the A2 blouson, the Valstarino features a slim cut, making for a more polished and versatile garment. A Valstarino is easy to spot for those in the know, characterized by two front button flap pockets, horn buttons, and knitted cuffs, collar and waistband.  

The first iteration of the Valstarino was crafted with hand-cut, hand-stitched suede. Though other materials have been used in iterations of the jacket since, the original remains the most iconic and luxurious, making us especially proud to carry it at The Helm.

 Valstarino Light Brown Suede Bomber

Valstar for The Helm

Just as it was in the 1900s, Valstar remains highly sought after and best-suited for the best-dressed – an obvious fit for our clients. This is our third season with Valstar, and they continue to impress us with their immaculate Italian-style tailoring and attention to detail.  Our product of choice: The Valstarino. This piece remains relevant amongst ever-changing contemporary trends, which speaks to the timelessness of its design. It has even been declared an Italian design icon, placing it right up there with the Vespa Piaggio and Ferrari. The Valstarino’s sleek design is incredibly versatile. It pairs equally well with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with more formal attire, transitioning seamlessly from the office to your night out.  The Valstarino exceeds our expectations every time, making us even more excited to get them into our clients’ closets. Interested in adding this Italian essential into your rotation? Visit us in-store or shop online today. 

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