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From Edmonton to Italy: Our conversation with Brunello Cucinelli

Chad Helm and Brunello Cucinelli at Pitti Uomo

Sitting Down with Brunello Cucinelli at Pitti Uomo

While in Florence for Pitti Uomo, our team had the opportunity to sit down with Brunello Cucinelli to chat about business, philosophy, and life. Dressed in classic Cucinelli fashion, he arrives wearing a double breasted pinstripe suit and and open collared shirt. Both effortless and elegant all at once. 

There’s a feeling that comes along with being in the presence of someone like Brunello Cucinelli. It’s a sense of both grandeur and humility. Pitti Uomo is loud and bustling with people, but there’s calmness to his demeanour that transcends it all. Despite the hustle, the conversation feels relaxed and casual. 

Exploring Solomeo

After our chat, our team made our way to the hamlet of Solomeo to witness some of Mr. Cucinelli’s philosophies in person. His idea of human dignity was present throughout the hamlet, from his recently completed Forum of the Arts to the immaculately kept grounds and beautiful factory. 

See the Interview

Watch the video below to hear about how he got his start, why the idea of dignity is so crucial to the way he runs his business, and to hear a few words of wisdom that he imparted before saying our goodbyes.   


Chad Helm and Brunello Cucinelli at Pitti UomoChad Helm and Brunello Cucinelli at Pitti Uomo

Brunello Cucinelli's theatre in SolomeoThe Cucinelli Theatre

Brunello Cucinelli amphitheatre in Solomeo Solomeo Amphitheatre

The view of the Brunello Cucinelli factory in solomeoThe view of Brunello Cucinelli's Agricultural Park in Solomeo

Part of Brunello Cucinelli's headquarters in solomeoBrunello Cucinelli headquarters in Solomeo

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