Why you should ditch your old summer attire (and replace it with knit t-shirts and polos from John Smedley)

Why you should ditch your old summer attire (and replace it with knit t-shirts and polos from John Smedley)

February 27th, 2019

It’s time to have a serious conversation about casual summer menswear. Don’t worry--we’re not telling you to revamp your entire look. Just to elevate it a little bit.

Summer is the time to loosen up. It’s hot outside, and there are lots of patio drinks to be had, so we don’t want to think too much about the clothes we’re throwing on when we head out the door.

Knitwear isn't just for winter

Usually, guys default to a standard old t-shirt or golf polo as their casual summer shirt of choice, but we’re here to tell you that there are better options, both in terms of style and comfort. Knit versions of both polos and t-shirts should be your new staple this season.

One of our favourite brands for pulling off this refined knitwear look is John Smedley, which has a long history of producing fine knitwear. And we mean long. They are the world's oldest manufacturing factory, with roots dating back to 1785. That’s over 200 years of experience!

John Smedley uses lux fabrics like Sea Island Cotton, which is considered the finest cotton out there, known for its smooth texture, fibre strength, and vibrancy. It is also incredibly rare, accounting for just .0004% of all the cotton in the world. They develop their own custom colour palettes, using the best cotton reactive dyes for a level of brilliance that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Here’s why you should be swapping out your regular summer polos and tees for a lux knit version, like the ones from John Smedley.

Replace your golf polo with a knit polo

The golf polos you pick up at Sport Chek have a time and a place--namely, on the course during a round of golf. For every other day, choose a lux knit polo.

3 reasons to make the switch

  1. Soft and Lightweight - Golf polos are often made of synthetic “performance” materials, which are less comfortable for everyday wear. A lux, knitted cotton is soft, cool, lightweight, and breathable.
  1. Better Fit - Golf polos can hang and cling awkwardly. A knit cotton polo with a banded waistband and sleeve cuff creates a cleaner silhouette.
  1. Dressier in Appearance - Golf polos look sporty with logos and flat collars. A knit polo has fewer embellishments and a stiffer collar (which has the added benefit of keeping the sun off your neck).

Replace your old cotton T with a lightweight knit t-shirt

You aren’t alone if you often find yourself turning to a your old basic t-shirt because it’s easy to throw on. Simply opting for a knit tee instead can elevate your look immensely.

3 reasons to make the switch

  1. More Vibrant Colour - A knit polo can appear richer because of the weave and dying process.
  1. Breathable with Stretch - A lightweight knit in linen or Sea Island cotton has moisture wicking properties, is breathable, and provides a natural stretch that typical cotton t-shirts don’t have.
  1. More Refined - A knit t-shirt has a subtle texture and cleaner neckline, which nudges it into a dressier category than a basic T-shirt without.


Ready to ditch your summer standards and upgrade to a knit polo or t-shirt? Check out our collection of knitwear here.

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