What's Inspiring Us

What's Inspiring Us

February 9th, 2020
Instagram Inspiration 

We spend a lot of time hunting for style inspiration, and Instagram is one of our favourite platforms to turn to. But in the age of online overstimulation, it’s hard not to get distracted by the junk that often scrolls through our feeds. Here are some people who just know what’s what when it comes to aesthetics.

Whether it’s architecture, nature, fashion, or food, there are a few harbingers of style that we always find ourselves returning to. 

Architect: @mw_works

mw works instagram

Natural meets man-made. We love mwworks’s use of leading lines and textures to create visual interest. It’s something we try to embody in our styling, our store experience, and our photos. 

Designer: @jjjjound

Jjjjound instagram

We love his no-bullshit approach to aesthetics. He likes what he likes, and he shares it with the world. And the world eats it up. 

Stylist: @GeorgeCortina

George cortina instagram

George Cortina is one of the most influential stylists around, and we’ve always got an eye on what he’s up to.  From his work with Brad Pitt in GQ to his own personal style, he never disappoints.

Photographer: @christopheraznar

Chris Aznar instagram

Our team is in Toronto a few times a year, but Chris Aznar shows a side of it that we don’t often see. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s a good reminder to pay attention to different perspectives.

Restaurant: @barbricco

Bar bricco instagram

Not only does Bar Bricco’s amazing food inspire us, their overall aesthetic is one that we admire: rich colours, high quality visuals, and an astute attention to detail. 

Celebrity: @jeffgoldblum

Jeff goldblum instagram

Jeff Goldblum is unapologetically himself. From bold accessories to unconventional colour pairings, he makes fashion choices we don’t often see elsewhere. The fit of his clothing is always on point, but it’s his personality that really sells it. He has fun with his style, and it pays off. 

Style blog: @D_watso

Item blog instagram

ITEM Blog, led by Dan Watson, is where we like to turn for Euro-casual style inspiration. No one does the oversized fit like they do. 

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