Weekend Wardrobe Essentials

Weekend Wardrobe Essentials

February 3rd, 2022

weekend wardrobe essentials

Fashion is always a product of the ebbs and flows of society. What's in style at any one time is a reflection of social and cultural trends. However, there are a few staple pieces that never go out of fashion. Figuring out what to wear on the weekends or your days off (when you’re not sporting your tailored suit to the office) can be time-consuming. One of the best practices we have found is creating a complete wardrobe of essentials that you can wear and pair with almost anything. Sure, you should sprinkle in the newest pieces from the season into your wardrobe to stay current. But there are a few items that never go out of style.

Dark wash denim, grey hoodie, and sneakers…Sneakers, white-t-shirt, and blue jeans… Do you see where we’re going here? We’re calling this the “weekend wardrobe essentials” which is a curated selection of timeless, high-quality wardrobe basics that can be worn every season and effortlessly paired with all your novelty pieces. There are a few seasonal items that will be put away in storage after their time is done, such as your coziest cashmere sweater, or your favourite pair of shorts, but these essentials still remain the same. Here is what our perfect weekend wardrobe for every season looks like. 

four washes of jeans on clothing rack


Ahh yes, the all-time favourite pant of everyone since the late 1800’s. Starting your weekend essentials wardrobe off is as easy as selecting a few different washes of good quality jeans. 

Grey denim is a must-have in every gent’s wardrobe. It can’t ever go out of style and absolutely everything goes with it. Grey denim can be paired with light colours for a casual look, or worn with darker colours for a more formal look. If you don’t have this in your wardrobe already, that would be a good start. 

We also suggest a pair of dark-wash denim (sometimes called raw denim) for a more elevated look. Dark wash jeans are typically easier to dress up than a lighter wash and you can easily combine them with a sport shirt and sport jacket and still look smart. 

Medium wash denim is lighter than dark denim, but only by a shade or two. Medium denim has been washed lightly to achieve that indigo shade we know and love. This wash is a great all-around style piece because they’re slightly more casual and can be worn with pretty well anything.

Finally, the light wash denim. Typically, a light wash denim is casual and would be reserved for warmer days. Although you can’t dress up light wash denim as easily as a dark wash, they are still a wardrobe staple for the summer months and for more casual looks. We suggest pairing with a black or white t-shirt, or yes, even different denim (as long as it’s not the same shade! Think black or grey denim jacket or overshirt.)


black denim on clothing rack dark wash denim on clothing rack      medium wash jeans on a clothing rack light wash jeans on clothing rack       


Pretty much every clothing item under the sun can be produced in denim (take a look at iconic Ralph Lauren photos circa 1978 and you’ll see what we’re talking about.) But, one of the most iconic denim looks is the jean jacket. A versatile outerwear piece that can be worn on chillier days, or as a layering item. It’s easy to throw over almost everything, which is why it's perfect to have in your weekend rotation. Our favourite new piece for the season is this FRAME shirt jacket. It can be worn open or as a light denim jacket. 

denim shirt jacket on clothing rack

 black and grey hoodie on clothing rack black and grey sweatshirt on clothing rack  


Now that it’s 2022, we would argue that this is the absolute peak of athleisure style. Hoodies and sweatshirts are not just for your post-workout fit, they have been integrated into many high-fashion brands and made popular by pop culture and social media. Athleisure style is the happy medium between function and fashion. So for us, we love having fleece sweatshirts in our rotation because they can be layered for the super cold days with a long sleeve t-shirt, or layered under an overcoat for a dressy look. The sweatshirt can also be worn with jeans, joggers, etc. and look great no matter what. Staying comfortable all weekend and looking fresh is something we can get behind.

 black and white tshirts on clothing rack


Although this may seem like a basic thing in every man’s wardrobe, you would be surprised how many people do not have a proper fitting t-shirt. Follow the three F’s when finding the perfect t-shirt: fit, function, and fabric. You want to make sure your t-shirt fits you clean in the shoulders, chest, and waist and conforms to your body enough that it doesn't outline your stomach. Having an assortment of good fitting t-shirts in a variety of colours and fabrics is a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh and create plenty of outfit options. A few of our favourite t-shirt looks are: 

  • Paired with a sport jacket and dark denim
  • Worn with light jeans and a leather jacket, or 
  • Worn with a good pair of leisurewear bottoms. 

A quick style tip when choosing a t-shirt: tight is DONE. When in doubt, size up.


weekend wardrobe essentials 


Having a good solid base of interchangeable, high-quality pieces is the first step in the right direction of creating a closet you love opening. By having options to choose from, that mix and match with almost anything, you can save yourself time getting ready, and look fresh while doing it. A wardrobe of essentials allows you to personalize your style, and have a solid base to pepper in exciting new pieces or add in your beloved seasonal items (like that cashmere sweater we talked about earlier). Consistency is stylish too!

Are we missing something? Is there a garment you can’t live without in your closet? Show us your style on Instagram and tag us @thehelmclothing !


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