Packing Light: Your Guide to Packing the Best Carry-On

Packing Light: Your Guide to Packing the Best Carry-On

August 31st, 2022
Traveling light is certainly becoming more popular, especially when you're leaving town for a busy business trip. Besides it being a breeze to leave the airport once your flight lands, there’s no chance of losing your bag or having it left stranded at an airport (that never starts off a trip on the right foot.) The obvious tactic is to only pack a carry-on…But how do you pack a week's worth of things into one small bag? Here's a short guide to making your business travels easier.

What You Pack is Key!

What you pack will be different depending on the destination, time of year, etc. And we know it can be hard to dwindle down all the wardrobe pieces you have into a single week's worth of clothing. These are the basics we like to pack in our carry-on based on one week of travel for your fall business trip:
  • 3-4 shirts or light knits
  • A pair of jeans and  trousers
  • One sweater
  • One packable sport jacket (if it’s needed). 
  • 2 pairs of shoes (remember you’re wearing one!)
  • Underwear and socks for every day you're gone


Just like that you’re covered for the entire trip!
packing a carry-on

How You Pack is Important

Are you a folder? A roller? Or a “stuff it all in your suitcase and hope it fits” kinda guy (we sure hope not)? Learning to pack properly is an essential skill as a man, so if you’re not the best packer - listen up! One major space-saving technique is HOW you pack.  The easiest way to save space is to ROLL your clothing. It makes it more compact than the traditional folded way and minimizes the ironing you’ll have to do at your destination. And yes, you need to iron.
We get a lot of questions about packing a sport jacket or suit. The best way to fold your suit or sport jacket is to actually roll it! However, there is a trick to this so save these steps!


  1. Turn the jacket so the back is facing you 
  2. Tuck one shoulder in on itself to create a pocket
  3. Pull the other shoulder across the back and tuck it into the pocket you created
  4. Pull the rest into the edge of the jacket so it is flush with the other edge
  5. Roll your jacket from the top to the bottom and place in your suitcase



As soon as you get to your hotel, you should be hanging and ironing all your clothes. This is an absolute non-negotiable. Hanging your shirt beside the shower to “steam it” doesn’t count. You need to press your shirts, and hang your pants upside-down by a clip hanger. This will keep your pants wrinkle-free and save you from looking like a fool for your meetings. A quick word of advice: when you pull out the iron at your hotel make sure you steam it out a few times and test it on the board before you attempt to press your clothes. Usually, the iron hasn't been used in a while and the last thing you want to do is smear rust all over your white shirt. Trust us, we’ve learnt this the hard way. 
The order you pack is equally as important. You need to pack your heavier items like your shoes, jeans, and thick sweaters at the bottom of your suitcase near the wheels. If you pack this way, you won’t be that guy going through the airport with a bag that keeps tipping over. 
Pro-tip: Pack your underwear, socks and belts into your shoes! Not only does this save tons of space, it acts as a shoe tree to keep your shoes from collapsing and creasing. 
packing socks into shoes

Wear What You Can on the Plane

Why pack a bulky jacket or chunky pair of boots into your carry-on when you can just wear them on the plane? Save the extra space in your suitcase and layer up! It’s a good idea to layer your clothing since you can’t control the unpredictable in-flight temperature. You can be comfortable while sporting a stylish layered look AND save space in your carry-on!
Following this simple guide is a great way to make sure you’re prepared for your fall business travels!

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