How to wear men's knitwear in 2019

How to wear men's knitwear in 2019

January 16th, 2019
If you’ve resolved to dress a little nicer in the new year and are looking for some inspiration, good quality knitwear is a great place to start. For men, knitwear helps bridge the gap between jeans & t-shirts and suits & ties. It elevates your look without requiring a full wardrobe revamp.
It’s easy to throw on a crew neck sweater and call it a day, but we prefer to style our knitwear a bit more thoughtfully. Here are a few of our favourite ways of doing it.

Our three favourite ways to wear knitwear

1. Knit polo shirt under a sport jacket

Zach wearing a grey knit polo shirt under a burgundy brunello cucinelli sport jacket, with a blue kerchief around his neck
Keep it simple: Wearing a sport jacket over a knit polo is easy to pull off as long as you’ve got the right kind of shirt. It’s important to choose a lux wool, linen, or cotton blend, and avoid the sporty golf polos. Wear grey jeans and derby shoes with this look.
Step it up: Wrap a kerchief around your neck for a modern European vibe. Choose a pocket square that flows with the outfit but that doesn’t match the shirt or kerchief perfectly.

2. High collared overcoat over a roll neck sweater and sport shirt

Keep it simple: We love a good roll neck sweater, and it’s become THE look for 2019. Wear it with a high collared overcoat and a relaxed pair of distressed jeans.
Step it up: There are plenty of ways to style a roll neck, but one of our favourite Italian-inspired looks is to wear it with a sport shirt layered underneath and the collar popping out the top.

3. Denim jacket over a crew neck sweater and a patterned sport shirt

Keep it simple: A patterned sport shirt under a knit elevates your look without being too stuffy. It also allows you to get a bit creative. Choose a solid-coloured knit and you’ll be able to wear just about any pattern with it. Leave the top two buttons undone and roll both sleeves up.
Step it up: Wear the collar outside of your sweater and layer a denim jacket over it for one of our favourite casual looks.  

Tips for choosing and owning good knitwear

Ready to add some quality knits to your wardrobe? Here’s what to look for and how to care for them after.

Choose soft wool, linen, or cotton blends

Natural fabrics will breathe better than synthetics like polyester, helping to regulate your body temperature and reduce odours. Cashmere and merino wool are our fall/winter favourites for their softness and longevity. Linen and cotton are great choices for spring and summer. We generally avoid anything with synthetic materials in it.  

Find a good fit

In 2019, a more relaxed fit is going to reign supreme over slim items. The body of your sweater should be fitted with a little extra room. If it’s too tight, you’ll notice pulling at the armpits. If it’s too big, you’ll notice sagging around the chest. The bottom hem of a sweater should fall just below the waistband of your pants. The shoulder seam should sit right at the edge of your shoulder.

Wear a shirt underneath

A fitted t-shirt under your knitwear will reduce how often you need to wash them, and it will make coarse fabrics more comfortable to wear.

Fold your sweaters; don’t hang them

Hanging your sweaters will stretch them out, so fold them and keep them in a drawer or on a shelf.

Don’t clean them too often

For a sweater worn once a week or so with a shirt underneath, you shouldn’t have to clean your sweaters more than a few times per year. Over washing will wear them out quicker.

Clean them properly

Always read the tags on your sweaters, and resist the urge to toss them in the washing machine with your socks and underwear. Some sweaters can be hand washed in cold water, but when in doubt, send them in for professional cleaning. If you do choose to hand wash a sweater, it should be laid flat to dry afterwards so it doesn't stretch out. Learn more about how to care for your clothing here.
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