Looking Cool But Staying Warm

Looking Cool But Staying Warm

6 Essential Jackets You Need for Winter

Looking Cool, but Staying Warm: 6 Essential Jackets You Need for Winter

If you live in a colder climate, you know the importance of a good winter coat. You also know, that your tried and true winter coat can get a little tiresome after wearing it day in and day out. We’ve carefully curated a selection of six jackets we would deem essential to help you spruce up your winter wardrobe (and also help you stay warm).  

1. A Shearling Jacket
1. A Shearling Jacket

Valstar Black Shearling Flight Jacket

Shearling is undeniably the star of the fashion scene right now, and the flight jacket silhouette adds a timeless touch to this trend. The Valstar Black Shearling Jacket combines modern aesthetics with a classic cut, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. This jacket seamlessly transitions from casual outings to more refined settings, ensuring you're on trend no matter the weather.

Style Tip: This is a jacket that does the talking for you, and can make an outfit on its own. Keep the outfit simple – a dark, understated ensemble will allow this Black Shearling Jacket to be the centerpiece, and effortlessly elevate your winter looks.

2. An Overcoat
2. An Overcoat

Luigi Bianchi Wool + Cashmere Overcoat

For those moments when you need to make a statement, Luigi Bianchi's Wool and Cashmere Overcoat is a strong choice. The simplicity of its design, combined with high-quality materials gives off quiet luxury. Whether heading to the office, a Christmas party, or a date night, this overcoat effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Style Tip: Complement the look with leather gloves and a cashmere scarf for an ensemble that blends style and functionality.

3. A Casual Outerwear Option
3. A Casual Outerwear Option

Stone Island Navy Wool-Blend Hooded Jacket

Stone Island takes winter outerwear to a new level with the Navy Wool-Blend Hooded Jacket. The hood and short cut give it a relaxed feel, while the knitted virgin wool exterior adds a touch of sophistication. Don't be fooled by its lightweight appearance; the prima-loft padded layer has a high warm-to-weight ratio that provides warmth without adding unnecessary weight.

Style Tip: Showcase the jacket's versatility by pairing it with Stone Island chinos, cargo pants, or your favourite denim. As the temperature drops, transition from sneakers to boots and top off the look with a Stone Island logo-appliqued toque for a polished winter statement.

4. The Classic Peacoat
4. The Classic Peacoat

Brunello Cucinelli’s Navy Pea Coat

Possibly the most classic and masculine silhouette option - the peacoat. And, Brunello Cucinelli's take on the classic peacoat is nothing short of luxurious. Crafted from double-face wool with a hint of cashmere, this jacket comfortably balances the line between casual and formal. Its length allows for versatility, making it suitable for both dressed-down and more formal occasions.

Style Tip: Make a seamless transition from casual to formal by layering thick knitwear or overshirts underneath. Elevate the look further by pairing it with accessories that match its luxe feel.

5. A Tailored Overshirt
5. A Tailored Overshirt

 ZEGNA Oasi Cashmere Overshirt

ZEGNA’s Oasi Cashmere Overshirt has taken the menswear world by storm, and for good reason. This versatile piece blurs the lines between a shirt, a jacket, and a blazer, adapting to different climates and occasions. The high-quality materials make it a luxurious addition to your winter wardrobe.

Style Tip: Embrace ZEGNA’s focus on monochromatic styling for a simple, yet elevated look. Keep the cool factor going by opting for a ball cap as a sporty alternative to a toque.

6. A Vest
6. A Vest

Woolrich Grey Half Moon Vest

Woolrich, a brand synonymous with outerwear, delivers the perfect combination of form and function with the Grey Half Moon Vest. Drawing inspiration from military aesthetics, this vest boasts technical fabrics that guarantee comfort even in the harshest conditions. As the weather turns, a vest becomes a versatile layering option.

Style Tip:  This vest pairs well with a classic overshirt or thick knitwear. These options not only enhance warmth but also add depth and texture to your winter look.

To wrap up, these six jackets represent a blend of modern trends and timeless silhouettes, ensuring that your investment in winter wear is not only stylish but also enduring. From shearling flight jackets to classic peacoats, each piece offers a unique take on staying warm without compromising style.



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