How to: dress your summer sport jacket, 3 ways

How to: dress your summer sport jacket, 3 ways

April 12th, 2017

3 ways to dress your sports jacket

A sport jacket is a wardrobe MUST because of their versatility. When it comes to styling there are many looks and ideas to choose from, and we are providing you with three of our favourites: the casual look, office wear, and the elevated evening do-up.
No matter the look you’re going for, you have to pay attention to a few important prerequisites regarding fit and color. Before we get into the different looks you can apply to your summer rotation, here are a few things to look out for when shopping for a new sports jacket.


A sport jacket must be functional. Consider the following when deciding on fit:

Too Tight:
  • If the sport jacket pulls and forms an “X” when buttoned.
  • If the shoulders and sleeves of the sports jacket will be tight and have pulls.
Too Loose:
  • If the shoulders either extend past your natural shoulder or have a wrinkled and disheveled appearance.
  • If the cuffs of the jacket go past your knuckles.


After finding the right fit, consider what colors will go best with your wardrobe. Gray and navy are the safest and most versatile, while brown and tan are great casual options. If you want something trendier, go for a more vibrant blue, maroon or a textured fabric.

Casual Look

Getting ready for a casual evening out with friends or colleagues doesn’t have to be boring. Wearing a sport jacket with a sweater and jeans is a great way to dress up a casual look. For the colder and unpredictable  Canadian climates it supplements a layer of warmth and a touch of sophistication. Running weekend errands? Consider this look as a way to add a little confidence to your step!


3 ways to wear your sport jacket, casual

Office wear

Although we are a long ways away from the Don Draper era of dressing up everyday to work, the dressed up sport jacket look will always be classic. A sport jacket is most easily complemented with a tie and a dress shirt; and it is necessary for those days where important clients are visiting the office. It is undeniable that it brings a level of professionalism and comfort to the workplace. You can consider accesorizing with a pocket square and a messenger bag.


3 ways to wear your sport jacket, office


Elevated evening do-up

From after work drinks to more formal events, the elevated relaxed look of a sport jacket and a collared shirt pairing is always in style. If you do not feel like getting all buttoned-up, try a well-pressed polo. It’s not as formal, but it provides that sporty feel.




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