How to Dress for Summer Weddings

How to Dress for Summer Weddings

May 13th, 2022
Summer is almost here! That means weekend camping trips, patio parties, and yes, summer weddings! Since those have been on a hiatus the last couple of years, we don't know about you, but we can’t wait for a good summer wedding. For some reason though, the dress code always seems to be a point of confusion and dread. Sure, it's not your special day, but you still want to look stylish and feel good too. 
Typically, the wedding invitation will have some sort of dress code or preferred attire attached to it. However, if it doesn’t, do some research on the venue the big day is being held at! If it’s an outdoor wedding, it might not be the best time to wear your tuxedo, whereas a grand ballroom at the Fairmont would be the perfect place. Keeping in mind that you should never upstage the groom, don’t forget to add a bit of your own personal flair to your look. Just because it’s a strict dress code doesn't mean that you shouldn't have fun and be yourself!
From black-tie to creative casual, it can be overwhelming to find the right outfit for such a big event.  Fear not, we have put together a list for each step on the ladder of formality that will help alleviate the stress and ensure you are ready and well-dressed for any type of wedding you attend this season. 
pink sport jacket and light pants
Key Outfit 1: Sport Jacket and Pant
This is likely one of the most casual dress codes. It’s fun and gives you the most options for colour and style. This is where you can feel free to be playful with the shirt pattern or tie to add a bit of character to your look. For another, more dressed-up option, you can layer over a light sport jacket. Throw on a brown or tan dress shoe, or a suede loafer for a sharp and complete look.  We love a great tonal look so our favourite style is the Ralph Lauren Purple Label pink sport jacket paired with a light white chino, white seersucker dress shirt, and suede loafers. This style is great for destination, lakeside, or outdoor tent weddings. Basically, any setting that lends itself to a bit more of a relaxed look. You can shop this look here!
navy two piece suit
Key Outfit 2: Full Two-Piece Suit
This is the next step on the ladder of formality. It is somewhere in the middle of your everyday wear and formal evening wear. The best thing about wearing a two-piece suit is how versatile it is. For a semi-formal look, you can pair your suit with a brown belt, brown shoes, and an open-collared shirt. But if the situation is a bit more dressed up, black shoes and a black belt with a tie or bow tie is a better option. This is a classic style choice for most weddings that are in upscale hotels or garden parties. Usually, men will opt for a dark colour (navy, black, or grey) but you can be a bit more playful with the colour if you have been waiting to pull out that burgundy or grey patterned suit. Just remember to keep it classy and polished, not overly embellished or loud so you don’t outshine the bride and groom. Shop this look.
black tuxedo
Key Outfit #3: Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket and Pant
Finally, the most formal option. Typically, the tuxedo is reserved for the groom, but if you know you are going to a black-tie or formal wedding, this is your chance to pull it out. Pay careful attention to what the dress code states, or just ask the bride and groom. A great secondary formal option, if you are not sporting a tuxedo, is a dinner jacket (we especially like the silk or velvet options), dress pants, and a bow tie. You can wear a normal necktie as well if it isn't specifically a black-tie affair. Your shoe options should be a black leather dress shoe or a black velvet loafer. This is not the time to be wearing sneakers or casual shoes. These two options are perfect for mountain chateau weddings, elegant settings, grand ballrooms, and black-tie affairs. Our tuxedos are available in store. 
Now that you have a bit more of an understanding of what to wear to a wedding, you can stress less and focus more on having fun. There are many different styles, tastes, and destinations for weddings, but most fall somewhere within the three of these dress codes. Wear what makes you feel confident, and enjoy the celebrations!
Tag us in your summer wedding photos so we can see your favourite style!
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