May 31st, 2017

Style is a mix of nailing the basics, knowing your personal preferences, and letting your confidence speak for itself. Some men just have it, some acquire it.

Here at The Helm, there’s been a handful of guys who we’ve had our eye on over the years – helping us navigate through our sartorial journey.

This is a list of five men who WE think carry the title of most stylish on the planet.




Mr.-Santo-Barillà-knitted-tie-grey-suit-cigar-smoking-sunglassesMr. Barilla is a mystery man of sorts. Aside from his obvious uber fly style, there’s next to no information out there on him - which in our eyes is totally fine. He’s currently working in Italy as a freelance tailor from what we can gather.

Why we love him:

His style is very unorthodox, even coming across very disheveled at times, Santo’s rough around the edges look has always been one of our faves. Even though he keeps most of his clothing neutral, he’s not scared to play with bold colors. He also has the remarkable ability to rock a suit one day, and follow it up the next day with a pair of thrashed jeans and red flannel shirt - looking just as awesome.








  For those of os born in the late 80's, Jeff Goldblum and his blockbuster films were ingrained into our young DNA, but he was far from a style icon through the late 80’s and early 90’s. Fast forward to 2017, this 64-year-old Pennsylvania native is killing it.

Why we love him:

Confidence is key with this guy. Despite his height and age, he owns every outfit he throws on with authority. His sneaker game is also 100% on point. 











On the forefront of the Italian street style craze that swept the online #menswear world a decade ago was this man - Alessandro Squarzi. First photographed by renowned street style photographer Scott Schuman, Alessandro, the man, is an institution in the Italian fashion scene. He’s currently a very busy entrepreneur, running 5 showrooms(4 in Italy and 1 new one in NYC called The Space NYC) all while maintaining his clothing line Fortela.

 Why we love him:

The cigarettes, the hair, the white pants, what more is there to say?








This Essex-born model came onto the scene in the early 2000’s, landing work for Dolce and Gabbana and Hugo Boss almost instantly. He has been a fashion icon ever since. But in Gandy’s situation, his personal style almost (yes, almost) outmatches his chiseled looks. Rarely does a male model have the ability to elevate their profile to the level of Celebrity, but this guy’s managed to do it gracefully, without losing his cool edge.

Why we love him:

He’s the quintessential man's man who seems to look just as good in jeans and he does in a 3pc suit. I mean look at him in that hat and bomber! 








Longtime buyer for Japan’s United Arrows, Mr. Kamoshita is a living example of grace and elegance. He manages to take classic 50’s inspired looks and lace them into outfits that are updated, and sophisticated. Mr. Kamoshita launched his own label Camoshita under the United Arrows umbrella in 2007. Aside from him being the creative director of his own line, he’s been holds post as a member of the retail giant’s executive team. The man wears many hats.

Why we love him:

Effortless, polished, classic. Not to mention the way he pulls off earth tones.


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