Behind the Scenes with The Helm: How our Cold Weather Collection came to life

Behind the Scenes with The Helm: How our Cold Weather Collection came to life

October 10th, 2018
If you’ve ever seen our campaigns and wondered how they came to be, now is your chance to catch a glimpse of our process. While our photos and videos may look effortless, there are often months of planning and hard work that go into them.
One of the most ambitious projects we’ve taken on since opening our doors in 2012 was our Cold Weather Collection by Private White V.C., which launched October 4, 2018. Not only was this our first time collaborating on an outerwear line, it was also Private White’s first time creating a winter collection. So we knew we had to go big.
Take a look behind the scenes of our process.


Erik's Ranch The Helm's Cold Weather Collection by Private white the vision
Our vision with this collaboration was always to create an outstanding outerwear collection that would weather whatever was thrown at it. A classic design that speaks quietly to its owner’s impeccable style, while maintaining every aspect of practicality that Canada’s unique climate requires.
When we developed our Cold Weather Collection, we envisioned the products on a hardworking gentleman; intelligent, committed, sophisticated, and a little adventurous. Seeking out moments of quiet contemplation in the rugged outdoors, he appreciates the sense of calm that a solo getaway can bring. He has a taste for fine craftsmanship and requires outerwear that will endure any task he takes on for years to come, perhaps even passing the items on as he grows older.
It only made sense to turn to the world’s most refined outerwear company to begin our journey, which brought us to Private White V.C.



After months of preliminary discussions, we flew out to meet with the Private White team in Manchester in March, 2018. We were inspired by their dedication to their craft as we toured their factory, discussed design and functionality, and ultimately came up with the three new outerwear pieces that would become our Cold Weather Collection.
They were very hospitable, with Ryan Gray and Creative Director Nick Ashley taking the time to come in to spend a couple days with us designing the collection. Getting to see them in action in their hometown was truly a great experience.
When we are asked why we partnered with Private White V.C., our answer is simple: Because they’re the best at what they do.


When we first received the samples, we were thrilled with the initial results. But these pieces had to be just right for our Canadian climate, so we spent time reviewing every detail until we had exactly what we felt Canadians needed from their outerwear.
Everything from the banding on the cuffs to the colour of the hardware was reviewed. We ensured the shearling collar was large enough for optimal warmth and the hood was large enough to close comfortably around the collar. No detail was overlooked.


When we were looking for locations to capture the vision of these products, we had our sights set on a cabin in an area with breathtaking views. A little isolated, but still very refined.
We came across a special place called Erik’s Ranch in the Rocky Mountains, which was not only a stunning location, but it also serves an incredible cause. Erik’s Ranch is a nonprofit organization that provides a living, working, and social environment for young adults with autism. Each night’s stay at the ranch is a donation to their organization.
Big skies, rolling hills, incredible sunrises and sunsets. Once we heard about this organization and saw the beautiful photos of their ranch, we knew it was the ideal backdrop for our shoot.


Our team of 7 hit the road with two vehicles packed full of photo/video equipment, clothes, and snacks to shoot the collection. Despite encountering closed roads and detours on our way, our excitement for the shoot remained high. As we neared our destination, we began to ascend a long, steep gravel road to the cabin. It felt like a grand reveal as the stunning cabin with its incredible views came into our sightline.
It was a weekend to remember, with over 24 hours of driving, plenty of laughs, and even a couple of “wildlife” encounters.


To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, we redecorated the store to reflect the refined cabin from the photoshoot and held a small event to show off the collection. Ryan Gray from Private White’s headquarters in Manchester even joined us for the occasion.
From the first vision to the photoshoot to the final product, we’ve had a blast with this collection. Thanks for being part of it.
View the complete Cold Weather Collection here. 
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