A spotlight on Magnanni

A spotlight on Magnanni

April 20th, 2021

Pascual Blanco II of Magnanni talks family and footwear

In 2012, we opened our doors for the first time with the intent to bring a high-quality menswear experience to the Edmonton community. Today, our community spans past our city limits, reaching like-minded individuals and brands from around the globe. It continues to be important to us to connect with the members of our community, both near and far. 

With that in mind, we hopped on a call with Pascual Blanco II of the Spanish footwear brand, Magnanni. And for a moment, we felt like we were in Almansa, Spain.

Imagine a small, cobblestoned town, majorly untouched by the modern world. The pace is slow, the living is easy, and family means everything. Almansa is known for its wining, dining, and long history of shoemaking — making it an ideal location for the Magnanni factory. 

"Great food, great wine, great shoes," reads the Magnanni website. Now, that is a lifestyle we can get behind.

Magnanni has been owned and operated by the Blanco family since the very beginning, starting with Pascual II’s grandfather, Sebastien. 

"My grandfather was a shoemaker," Pascual II shared. "He knew shoes." 

Sebastien established Magnanni in 1954 and eventually passed it onto his only son, Pascual. Through their shared love of shoemaking, Sebastien and Pascual shaped Magnanni into the iconic brand we know and love today. 

It didn’t take long for Pascual’s six children — Pascual II, Sebastien II, Julio, Luis, Miguel, Rocio — to follow in his footsteps. Today, Magnanni is run collectively by the Blanco siblings. 

"My father and my mom had everything planned from the beginning," Pascual II said with a laugh.

But, the Magnanni family extends far past the Blanco bloodline. The factory is always bustling with employees, most of which are extended family members, lifelong friends, and friend’s children who have also taken up the family trade. 

"I grew up with a lot of the people that are working in the factory," Pascual II said. "We're a big family." 

Keeping that in mind, the Blanco siblings ensure Magnanni's employees are cared for, paid fairly, and work in good conditions. 

"We have to create an environment where people feel comfortable working," Pascual II said of the Magnanni factory. "Not only that, but that they feel there is a future for them."

In a town as small as Almansa, employment opportunities can be limited. A clear career path and personal development opportunities are just some of the ways Magnanni cares for its employees. 

Magnanni’s commitment to its community is undeniable and is just one of the many reasons we love carrying their footwear in our store. Like us, Magnanni has cultivated a community that not only appreciates fine craftsmanship and high-quality products but also appreciates one another.

"We created this family that I think is fantastic," said Pascual II. We couldn’t agree more.

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