A.P.C.: The Masters of Parisian Casual Style

A.P.C.: The Masters of Parisian Casual Style

January 23rd, 2020

A.P.C. bomber and plaid sport shirt laid flat

A.P.C. has become part of the very fabric of casual-cool style. The brand is rooted in Paris, though their approach to style has effortlessly worked its way into the world's most fashionable cities: London, Tokyo, New York, LA. You’ll find A.P.C. and their influence throughout. 

Driven by minimalism and a search for perfection, A.P.C. takes inspiration from workwear, military clothing, and everyday life, incorporating uncomplicated fits, functional fabrics, and designs that simply will not go out of style. They source materials that are precisely right, from their Japanese raw denim to the organic cotton used in their Felix tees. 


A.P.C. paint splatter socks

At the core of their brand is minimalism, but that doesn’t mean everything is basic. They aim to revolutionize the way we think about style by experimenting with the details and testing unexpected partnerships. A.P.C. collaborates often, incorporating outside perspectives into their minimalist point of view. Their most recent project has been with Carhartt (yes, THAT Carhartt), though they have also worked with Kanye West, Brain Dead, and Jjjjound, among others. 

The reason A.P.C. is so influential is that they truly embody the laid-back attitude that their clothes represent. They produce clothing they would wear, and that resonates with people. 

If they try something new and it doesn’t sell, they just move on. More often than not it does sell, as evidenced by their ever-growing business, which remains independently owned.

You won’t find flashy accessories or over-embellished outerwear. Just impeccably crafted clothing that does what it’s supposed to do. And at the root of it all is A.P.C.’s creator, Jean Touitou. 


A.P.C. clothing laid flat - striped t-shirt, jean t-shirt, felix t-shirt

Jean Touitou (circa 1976) pictured above on the Jean t-shirt

Jean Touitou, along with his wife, A.P.C.’s Creative Director Judith Touitou, guide the brand and the clothing according to their own sensibilities, which are naturally based around (near-radical) minimalism.

Jean Touitou always wanted to change the world. When he was younger he became a revolutionary as a member of the Organisation Communiste Internationaliste. Though he eventually abandoned his militant ways, he still wanted to make a statement.

He found himself accidentally working in fashion in the 1970s--he was drawn to the energy and passion he saw in the team at French fashion house Kenzo, so he worked his way into their world. There, he learned the ins and outs of the business. 

In 1987 he established A.P.C. and began to challenge the way things often go in fashion--the theatrics, the tendency to cut corners, and the extreme commercialization. 


What makes Touitou unique is that he has never been driven by profit. His goal has always been the pursuit of passion and perfection. From the drawstring on a hoodie to the precise way a t-shirt is cut, everything is thought through with painstaking detail. 

A.P.C. invests most of their profits into research, sourcing quality fabrics, paying staff well, and finding expert cutters and producers. Giant personal yachts aren’t on Touitou’s radar. Just beautiful clothing. It’s this honest approach to business that keeps A.P.C. effortlessly cool


A.P.C. velvet sport shirt and jean t-shirt laid flat

When it comes to Parisian casual style, it’s about looking like you’re not trying too hard. You’re too cool to try too hard. Your attitude will carry you further than anything you’re wearing, so be sure to maintain that nonchalant feeling going wherever you go. 

Stick with relaxed fits

Unstructured blazers, pleated trousers, relaxed (but still slim-cut) jeans. Your clothing should fit well, but it shouldn’t look painted on. Avoid anything too fitted, and when in doubt, size up. 

Keep a single focal point

While a monochrome look is what most people think of, pattern and colour are definitely still on the table for a French chic look. Just don’t overdo it. Stick to one feature colour or pattern, making sure your base is still a neutral. For instance, wear a striped t-shirt with relaxed indigo jeans and a navy bomber jacket

Don't over accessorize

A solid pair of sunglasses. A chic cashmere beanie. An angora scarf draped around your neck. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, but keep it simple and clean. Your accessories should enhance your look, not overtake it. 

Mix textures

Texture is a simple way to add some interest to your casual look without going overboard. When done right, it has a “I just threw this on” kind of vibe. Try a heavy texture like velvet or wool over a lightweight linen or organic cotton t-shirt. You can try mixing brands to achieve the look, like a luxury cashmere sweater worn with Japanese raw denim jeans. 

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