7 Years at The Helm - Our Favourite Memories

7 Years at The Helm - Our Favourite Memories

September 30th, 2019

The Helm Team: Chad, Eric, Shereen, Alana, Zach, Kim, and Kevin

The Helm is celebrating our 7th anniversary, and what an incredible seven years it’s been! From trips across the globe to the connections we’ve made right here in Downtown Edmonton, we’ve made some amazing memories and some even better friends. 

Here are a few of our favourite memories from the last seven years.


One of my many Helm memories would be planning, executing and enjoying our many events. I know that isn't one specific memory but they all are quite memorable. From Festa Con Amici -where we set up an Italian family style, garden party themed dinner in-store for a small group of close clients, to setting up a huge, invite only tent party to launch Pal Zileri, and all the smaller ones in between for various things. 

It's always fun brainstorming and creating a kick-ass party that people will talk about for years. And I'm super excited about the current project I am working on...but you'll have to stay tuned to see what it is! 


I've got three.

1. Our first Saturday in business was both nerve wracking and exciting. We ended up having a great day with lots of friends and family coming through the store to say hi. It was a great day with great energy. 

2. Our collaboration with Private White. The entire project was an amazing success with the highlight for me being our team road trip to southern Montana to shoot the collection. 

3. All of the relationships built over the past seven years with our customers and neighbours on 104. The sense of community we've felt since opening in 2012 has been remarkable. I'm excited to see where the next seven years brings us. 

The Montana photoshoot


In the short time I have been here I already have a great memory. Knowing my passion for automobiles our customer, Michael, gave me the keys to his new Audi R8 super car for a few laps around the block. Sweeeeet. We have the nicest clients! 


I have had lots of incredible experiences here, but one of my favourite memories was helping to plan and put together the first Helmsmen I worked on, with Matt and Simon from Doughnut Party. Not only was it a chance to eat some delicious doughnuts and hang out with some great people, it also gave me a really good introduction to the talent, dedication, and vision of the team here at The Helm. 

Beyond that, I think one of my favourite memories was dinner at Red Rooster in Harlem, New York, with Angelo and Andrea from Luigi Bianchi Mantova. From the outstanding food and atmosphere to the amazing live music and dancing, it was a night to remember for sure. 

Red Rooster in Harlem


We had an opportunity to visit the Private White V.C. factory in Manchester. It was special to meet the people behind the brand and watch first hand how this product is developed. It really opened my eyes to how unique some brands are. I was able to witness the collaboration of our Cold Weather Collection, and they gave me free rein of the factory for a day to capture content which was amazing.   

The Private White factory in Manchester


I have been in this business for quite some time now and in all my years I have always focused on building strong relationships with clients. The Helm has been very easy to do this for me. There is an extra special bond that seems to seamlessly be created with clients at the Helm, and many have become great friends.
I think it starts with the tight knit group we have as a team and the passion we have for this business. The Helm feels like home and I love being the host and giving our clients what they deserve. I love hosting special events where we get to offer great food and wine and hang out with our clients at a different level. Often we are able to do this on a unplanned random day because we feel like it too. These are my favourite memories. 


One of my favourite Helm memories would have to be the trip to Montana for our Private White collaboration. Going to a remote location, flying out our models (Terron and Parker) and being a part of all the behind the scenes showed me how much The Helm is evolving into something unique that I wanted to be a part of. This trip with the team easily stand out as one of my favourite memories. 

The Montana photoshoot


The one thing we know for sure is that we wouldn’t be here without YOU, so thank you, from all of us, for allowing us to do what we do. Here’s to another seven years, and another, and another… 

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