3 Things to Consider When Buying a Custom Suit

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Custom Suit

April 21st, 2017


If you’re like many people, the idea of investing in custom clothing is reserved for only the highly wealthy. Buying a bespoke or made-to-measure suit is not inexpensive, but it’s not as pricey as most would think. Custom clothing is made with only you in mind, and an investment like this pays off in multiples down the road.  

Nothing compares to the experience of creating a quality garment that is tailored specifically for your body, lifestyle and personality.

Here are three important points to consider when deciding if the custom route is right for you:

 1) Cost Savings

Your time is valuable, so having a trusted haberdasher that understands your uniqueness is key. He or she can keep your measurements on file and assist with fabric selection and styling choices. They will also ask the appropriate questions needed to get a strong understanding of what you need out of your garment. Instead of replacing a suit every three to five years, you’re better off securing a few timeless pieces that will increase the your return-on-investment with every wear.

Like a car, the more you use a garment the more wear and tear it will endure. A classic high quality custom garment, with proper care, can easily serve you well for a decade (assuming your body proportions stay fairly consistent). Now, if you’re putting excessive mileage on your clothing (3+ wears per week) the wear and tear increases and the longevity of it's life decreases—this is why fabric choice is also very important!

 2) Fit

Fit is the deciding factor when choosing to go the custom clothing route, in most cases. Made or You garments on average require anywhere from ten to forty measurements, and can solve any issues that arise when shopping for off-the-rack clothing. For example, large muscular thighs, heavy midsection, height restrictions, barrel chest etc. In these circumstances the cost of alterations needed to get the right fit can be just as much, if not more than getting that piece made for you. 

"In building a wardrobe rich with custom pieces, you have put the final stamp on how you want to present yourself to the world"

In building a wardrobe rich with custom pieces, you have put the final stamp on how you want to present yourself to the world. How you dress, down to the smallest of details, is a reflection of you. Nothing proclaims professionalism and the aura of success like the cut and fit of a sharply tailored suit.

 3) Individuality

Tailor-made suits offer unlimited personalization. You will find out that once you go custom, it’s hard to go back to ready-to-wear. If you don’t believe us, talk to some of our clients that went this route and they will tell you what they think.

Each custom garment becomes an individual creation and, ultimately, an expression of form and function for each man’s unique preferences. The current trend of slim-fit, ready-to-wear clothing is very unforgiving and makes it difficult to find a suit that fits properly for some body types. For these men, the only way to really achieve a well-fitted and comfortable suit is to have one made. This is where we come in.

Cost per use, fit and individuality are vital starting blocks when determining whether custom is right for you. The Helm offers free consultations as a first step to creating the suit that will tell your story. Get started by booking an appointment below.



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