Buttero High Sneaker

$249.00 $525.00

  • Mushroom
  • White rubber sole, leather upper and inner
  • Brass finish eyelets, cotton laces
  • Made in Italy 


  • Fits large, a half size smaller is recommended


  • Never over wear your shoes. Allow a minimum of 48 hours in between wears.
  • A water resistant spray is recommended for these shoes, this will not make your shoes waterproof so avoid excessive moisture. Always do a spot test first.
  • Like all leather shoes, keep them dry. If they do get wet, wipe with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible. 
  • Use a clean, soft cloth or brush to remove access dirt. If further cleaning is needed use a clean damp cloth to softly wipe away dirt, do not rub vigorously. Allow shoes to naturally dry completely before wiping a second time. 
  • Follow instructions of any shoe care products you may use.
  • A damp cloth and a mild all purpose cleaner can be used to clean rubber sole. Be sure to not get product on the leather. 
  • The use of shoe trees in between wears will help minimize creasing, absorb excess moisture and help maintain the shape of your shoes. Cedar shoe trees are available in-store.
  • Treatment applications should happen about every 10-12 wears. This can vary on how well you take care of your shoes.