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We’re matching your donations to the Edmonton Food Bank

Edmonton Food Bank Dontation

Let’s Give Back. 

It's been a hard year for a lot of folks. There’s never been a more important time to give back. We're collecting donations for Edmonton’s Food Bank in store and online this season, and we will be matching your donations, up to $2500. 

Three ways to donate:

  1. Visit us in store. We’ll accept cash and credit/debit card payments and can process any donation amount. 
  2. Add a “tip” donation onto your online order. When you check out online, you’ll see an option to add a donation. You can add a percentage of your order or a custom donation in the amount you wish. 
  3. “Purchase” a donation on our online store. We have an option to add your donation as a product to your cart. Find it here, select the amount you wish to donate, and check out as usual. 

Let’s support those in need this season. We’ll be accepting donations until December 31. 

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