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No Frills Italian Fashion - Luigi Bianchi Mantova

Walking through their Mantova factory doors, one gets the sense that this family run business has held the same value structure since it’s founder Luigi Bianchi started the company in 1911. Built in 1938, the decor in the factory lobby is simple with tasteful art hanging throughout. The production floor is bustling with tailors, mostly female, cutting, sewing and pressing garments as they pass through each work station - en route to completion.


Luigi Bianchi Mantova is fashion forward and impeccably tailored, but the brand also represents something that is becoming harder and harder to find in the Italian market – value.


Their “no frills” philosophy is what captured our attention during The Helm’s first buying trip to Florence in January of 2012. They rail against the big box brands with large advertising campaigns and sponsorships, trading that approach in for a simple and value-focused final product. It’s not about global brand status for the 4-generation family run business, it’s about providing the best tailored garments possible for the best price possible. For those reasons, The Helm is proud to say that after four years in business, Luigi Bianchi Mantova remains an anchor brand for us.



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