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Introducing Ten C to The Helm

Ten C, or The Emperors New Clothes is the pinnacle of luxury streetwear. The concept is simple - this brand is about looking beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. 
These timeless and iconic garments live and age with you, never going out of style and moulding themselves to fit you perfectly over time.


The main influence is from Japanese materials and craftsmanship, but these garments are crafted exclusively in Italy. They are made with an exclusive fabric called Original Japanese Jersey, or OJJ. It is one of the most difficult fabrics to stitch and garment-dye which makes these one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched pieces of the highest quality and durability. Ten C believes in applying the true values of craftsmanship to create garments that are intended to last all your life.


Ten C looks beyond the trends and the ever-changing fads and focuses on the value of well-crafted clothing. 

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