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Introducing Howlin’, a Belgian Addition to The Helm’s Fall Lineup

Howlin' Sweaters Edmonton
We’re always on the lookout for knitwear brands that combine traditional craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics with contemporary styles, and Howlin’ has really won us over. We can’t wait to show you this line, which is exclusive to The Helm in Alberta.
Howlin’ is an Antwerp-based brand that was established in 2009, but the knitwear company has been producing high quality sweaters in Scotland since the 1980s under the Morrison umbrella. Howlin’ is essentially Morrison’s slightly more whimsical line of knitwear, using vibrant colours, patterns, and textures to stand out from the norm.
Howlin' striped sweater, The Helm Edmonton
With a name that is slang for “smelly,” Howlin’ is a bit of a quirky brand; however, there’s nothing funky about their products. The team at Howlin’ are serious about creating top-quality sweaters, which are made with 100% pure new wool in Scotland.
Their designs are both timeless and playful, created and hand-finished by craftsmen that have been trained in traditional manufacturing. They use only the highest quality yarns, and each sweater is given one-on-one attention during production.
howlin' lavender sweater the helm edmonton
These sweaters are ideal for layering. Wear one under a stylish outerwear piece, or try it over a sport shirt. They also make great gifts with their updated fit and unique styles.
See our full collection of Howlin knitwear online, or stop by the store to try one on for yourself.

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