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Introducing A.P.C. to The Helm: Don’t call them trendy

Those who know minimalist fashion know that A.P.C. is THE go-to brand. Short for Atelier de Production et de Création, A.P.C. is one of the most influential ready-to-wear clothing brands out of France, with their collection of denim, sportswear, outerwear, and knits.
A.P.C. was founded by Jean Touitou in Paris 1987, who started the company after struggling to find well-fitting sweaters and “normal” jeans. Now, the brand has become known for their consistently simple yet timeless designs.


They have grown significant status in the fashion world by eschewing trends and sticking to what they have always done best: well-proportioned, simple, clean wardrobe staples. In fact, A.P.C. has led the raw denim movement since the 1980s, selling unwashed, unprocessed jeans so that the wearer has complete control over how it wears and fades.

Though they may not be trendy, they do update their designs for a contemporary fit, giving them an almost tailored feel. When it comes to casual wardrobe essentials, there’s simply no substitute for A.P.C.

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So what shoes does one wear with a brand like A.P.C.? We suggest New Balance sneakers. You can definitely rock a leather brogue alongside your A.P.C., but the classic sneaker shape of New Balance just fits seamlessly with these styles.
Our top picks are the either New Balance 574s in pink suede for a splash of colour, or the 990s in a classic grey.

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