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Double RL: True Americana Style

RRL (pronounced double RL) is the iconic collection from Ralph Lauren that captures a genuine Southwestern style and vintage look. Ralph Lauren's idyllic Colorado ranch inspired these infamous pieces as he was exposed to styles such as workwear from gold rush miners, ranch hands, and the Civil War military. The label centers heavily around blue raw and distressed denim, leather, suede, and Southwestern prints and truly encapsulates the heritage of the American West. The main focus is on creating high-quality pieces that are rich with history and add timeless style to your wardrobe. 
We are excited to announce that we will be the one and only exclusive retailer in Canada for RRL. 


Suede and denim are staples of RRL. 

Vintage logos and graphics paired with an iconic denim jacket for the All-American style. 


Leather and vintage Americana accessories tie effortlessly into the RRL style.

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