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Buying for Spring Summer 2021

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We all know it, we’ve all said it - “In These Unprecedented Times, New Normal, We’re in this together, etc”. 2020, and now beyond, has changed everyone’s routines, and pardon the pun, no one is immune. Over the past ten months, customers have asked one interesting question “How has buying our inventory changed during the pandemic?” This is a damn good question! With that said, we’ve decided to shed some light into the industry, the current fashion climate, and give you a glimpse of how we do our buying.

 In the past (and hopefully the near future) buying was done on buying trips, this conjures up a mental image of jetting off to the style capitals and meeting with the best fashion houses in the world. Now imagine that condensed into a small window of time, a few days in Milan, a couple in Toronto, maybe a week in New York. Meeting after meeting, collection after collection, with a lot of information and ideas being taken in at once. After the trip, we’d assess everything from home, and place the orders for the upcoming seasons. 

With the shift in the world, the buying for us now looks different. Fashion shows have little to no attendance, and often the collections are presented as fashion films. Buying meetings are held over Zoom or Teams, brands have interactive line sheets or virtual showrooms. Fashion, as always, has found a way to innovate.


Chad in a virtual meeting with our Alex Mill rep. (Shot prior to store opening)

How do we narrow down a brand’s entire seasonal collection to what you see on our website and in store? It’s not as easy as “this is what this Brand X thinks you should have”, 

it’s takes curation and homework, and maybe a pinch of good taste. Luckily we‘ve spent the better part of the last decade building relationships with our brand partners, and can rely on their guidance while making our selections virtually. 

As this buying season wraps up, we see clothing becoming more flexible between work and weekend. What you might have only worn out on a sunday is now acceptable in the office. The lines between work and personal life are getting blurred and your wardrobe will reflect this, a pair joggers for a wednesday meeting, no problem, a roll neck under a sportcoat to coffee with your friends, easy. There's still the occasions where formality counts of course, and a night out with someone you care about calls for something special, but if there’s ever been a time to extend style now is it.

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