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The White Shoe

Scarpe Di Bianco (The White Shoe)


Last week there was a bit of excitement at the shop - our much anticipated shoe collection for Fall 13 arrived.  Scarpe Di Bianco (which translates to ‘The White Shoe’ in English) is a handmade shoe produced near Napoli, Italy by a fourth generation family workshop. Headed by the talented William White, Di Bianco shoes have been on our radar since day one. With their Blake, Goodyear and Norwegian constructions, we grew fond of them instantly. The upper portion of the shoe is made from the finest French hides. They are cut by hand from specially selected portions of the skin to provide a consistent, unmatched quality to every shoe (even if it means using slightly more leather for production). This upper portion of the shoe obtains its shape through a ten-day period of attachment to a particular last - which is truly amazing considering most mass-produced dress shoes sit in a last for only a few hours. The soles and heels are crafted from raw leathers that are hand beveled and buffed to perfection by one of the Italian artisans working on the shoe. Once this phase of production is complete, perhaps the most important part of the process takes place. The Italian shoemakers take their time to burnish each shoe by hand - giving it a unique finish. 

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