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One Night? Pack Light.

If you plan to show up to your meetings looking like a boss, you'll need to learn how to pack like one. These are ten steps you should take while packing to make sure your outfit doesn't look like a potato sack when you arrive. 


Start with the suit

1. Fold the jacket into thirds.

2. Roll the trouser.

3. Roll the ties.

4.Fold the shirts into half and tuck the ties into the collars.

5. Roll up the socks and stuff them into the shoes. This helps the shoe keep its shape without hauling around shoe trees. Tuck the shoes into their shoe bags and place them at the base of the suitcase.

6. Roll underwear.                              7. Tuck shirts.                                   8. Pack toiletries. 

10. Place the pant next and pack the jacket on top. Voila, you're ready for your trip!                            


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