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Quality over Quantity

It’s been almost three years to the day since I purchased my first bespoke garment. The fitting and measuring process was totally different compared to other custom programs we offered here at the store. The suit was constructed by hand here in Canada from Barbaris cloth and took almost two months to complete. When this suit was made, the price of it would’ve been approximately $2600.

Picture below is from 3 years ago. 

Take a look back at the measuring process here and the final outcome here

In May 2013 I wrote an article about the CPU (cost per use) of clothing, and the value in purchasing high end items. In the article I preach about the long-term benefits of buying quality garments over the lower priced 'box store' goods. Read it here.

I realize that these arguments mean nothing unless I backed them with some evidence. So here I am, three years later wearing the very suit (and shoes) that I purchased in June 2013. The garment has been through 6 dry cleanings (1-2 dry cleanings a year is recommended), 4 buying trips, and has been in my weekly rotation for work since it was purchased, and believe me when I say - I am not easy on my clothes...or shoes!



To conclude, we truly believe that to get good value from your clothing purchase, you need to buy the proper quality goods up front. It will be a larger initial investment, but your items will last much longer with proper care. 


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