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Pitti F/W 2014

Pitti F/W 2014

The show has been a huge success for Brad and I. We arrived in Florence by train from Milan Tuesday morning and spent the day walking the show absorbing the scene. These Italians know how to do it right, for the most part we saw tons of well put together outfits and great brands putting their best foot forward.


Here are a few highlights from Florence.


The Camoshita booth. As always, it was looking great. 

Mr. Kamoshita running me through the fall '14 collection. 

The whole Lubiam collection looked great. We've really noticed the increased texture in overcoats and sport jackets this season like the above photo.

We haven't seen a ton of colour this season, mostly earth tones and neutrals(aside from some fantastic colourful scarfs). When colour did appear, it was done in soft tones similar to the photo above. 

This has been a fantastic season for Lubiam at The Helm. We are especially pleased with the Luigi Bianchi tailored clothing. 


More to come tomorrow. 



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